Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Choice and Chance- Sketching over Collage

I have always loved making mixed media collages and have been wondering how to incorporate them into my sketches. I decided to just randomly glue down pieces of different papers I have been collecting over the years onto my sketchbook pages and see where it would lead.

Some of the collage papers I used include various Japanese rice papers, printed papers from India, and photocopies of my own line patterns and text. and torn papers of watercolor washes.

I glued them to the paper with acrylic gel medium.

Part of the joy of this process is the chance way the sketching interacts with the paper background with lost and found edges, layering of lines and shapes, and randomness of how it all comes together in an unexpected way.

In these pages I used ink, white markers, watercolor and watercolor pencils.

This is a great exercise in incorporating choice and chance into a page, 
and a good way to let go and take a few risks.